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Sacramento Criminal Defense Attorney Mark Reichel weighed in on the trial and answers your Facebook questions. July 7, 2011
Stockton's testing rule for dispensaries appealed Jan 17, 2011
Rite Aid drops sardine lawsuit again Korean War veteran Apr 12, 2011
Mark consulted on the life of General Vang Pao Jan 6, 2011
Mark consulted on the life of General Vang Pao Jan 6, 2011
Nancy Garrido's Attorney Removed From Kidnap Case Nov 9, 2009
Federal charges dropped against Hmong leader Vang Pao Sept 19, 2009
Feds Drop Charges Against Vang Pao Sept 18, 2009
Trial Date Set In Wine Warehouse Fire Sept 10, 2009
Accused wine arsonist's trial is set Sept 10, 2009
Laptops, Cell Phones Fair Game in Customs Search Sept 8, 2009
"Mark quoted in Business Journal sticking up for his client, calling her "wonderful person" who simply made a mistake." Aug 13, 2009
Lawyers, Guns, and Money Aug 1, 2008
Mom Who Left Baby in Car: "I Made a Mistake" May 9, 2008
Bomb Conspirator Gets 19.5 Years
Gen. Vang Pao's Last War May 11, 2008
Sacramento-area man sentenced to 19 years in terrorism plot May 9, 2008
Interview with Mark on Channel 13.Re: "Corrupt Prosecution in Missing Evidence Case." Mar 12, 2008
Ailene Voisin: Clemens' PR move is hard to read Unknown
Local Hmong Leader Shot And Killed Outside Office Dec 20, 2007
Attorneys want to represent residents affected by West Sac gang injuction
Eco-Terror Suspect Guilty in Bomb Plot Sep 27, 2006
Former Defendant Testifies in ELF Terror Case Sep 17, 2007
Defense spars with terror witness Sep 13, 2007
FBI Mole Testifies in Eco-Terrorism Case Sep 2007
Details Emerge On Local Eco-Terror Suspects Trial Sep 12, 2007
Local Man Accused of Beating Dog Speaks Out Aug 2007
Hmong out to dry Aug 2, 2007
Caught On Tape: Sacramento Man Allegedly Beats Dog Jun 2007
Charges Filed In Plot To Overthrow Laotian Government Jun 5, 2007
The CIA has disavowed any knowledge of the alleged plot against Laos by Vang Pao and others. Jul 19, 2007
The General's Last Stand Jul 5, 2007
Valley Hmong Community in Shock over Arrests Jun 11, 2007
Hmong Leader Released On Bail July 13, 2007
Bail denied for 5th man in Laos case Jun 9, 2007

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